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Vibrating Screen one of the unique product or equipment manufactured by KAIZER is used for separating the stuff. Vibrating Screen is compiled of mainframe, eccentric bock, screen web, rub spring, electric motor, coupler and some more. We have always kept in our minds the choices, preferences and the tastes of our all clients. We will offer you suitable type according to your requirements.



Model Screen Size (mm)No Of LayersRequired Motor HP Screen Capacity (TPH)
KVS 12503600 x 1500 mm1-41535-48
KVS 15504500 x 1500 mm1-415/2042-60
KVS 16504800 x 1500 mm1-415/2055-80
KVS 18505400 x 1500 mm1-420/2565-90
KVS 20606000 x 1800 mm1-430/3580-200
KVS 22606600 x 1800 mm2-430/25100-300
KVS 24707200 x 2100 mm2-435-40200-500

KAIZER offers you a wide range of quality screens. But that is not all. Many of our sales people have a long experience with numerous types of screens and are well qualified to help you select the right equipment for your plant. KAIZER has supplied customers with crushing & screening equipment for over half a century. Whether you need a stand-alone screen or a complete process solution, KAIZER can provide you with equipment that is easy to install and fully functioning from day one.


Circular Motion Incline Vibrating Screen

We offer superb quality circular motion vibrating screens that are used in various material sizing applications. The circular motion assists the material in rolling out of the openings and prevents plugging of near size particles or non-cubical shaped particles. Our SCREENS are manufactured for heavy-duty & continuous operations. These are also built using contemporary material technology & impeccable quality.

These modular, robust & compact screening machines have exceptional performance for a wide range of material such as:

Circular or elliptical stroke vibrator mechanism can also be used for coarse or fine screening of various mineral ores & hard stones. We guarantee the high degree of screening efficiency. Emf-Screens offer a long service life, outstanding adaptability & inexpensive screening solutions under the harsh, rigorous mining & quarry conditions. Some of the salient features of this product include:


The HARISON double and triple deck screens have ample 18 degree sloped sideplate ends which allows the material to fall at the beginning of the lower decks, maximising the effective screen area.

HARISON Inclined screens have become the world standard in bulk materials processing, proving their exceptional reliability and high productivity in the toughest industrial environments.

Vibrating equipment commonly used for separating different grades of crushed minerals uses either stratification (screening with a vibrating bed) or free-fall screening. Conventional screens used in the aggregate industry have great versatility as regards separation limits and material size processed. They work on the stratification principle; the vibration of the machine sifts the material bed so that finer material passes through the coarser material. This enables particles smaller than the mesh of the screen to pass through it. Screens operating on the freefall principle have been developed as an alternative to conventional screens. They are used successfully in both mobile and stationary

Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen